7) Speech, Sound

Typically, children’s speech development tends to follow a common pattern. It is not uncommon for children to substitute harder sounds with easier ones, such as saying ‘tar’ instead of ‘car’ or ‘poon’ instead of ‘spoon.’ However, some children may experience delays or abnormalities in their speech sound development. For instance, saying ‘har’ instead of ‘car’ or ‘oo’ instead of ‘spoon,’ or ‘ay-ee’ for ‘baby.’ These children may require additional support to improve their speech sounds.

In order to address these challenges, there are various stages involved in this process. These stages include both listening to and producing speech sounds, as well as practicing correct articulation techniques. It is crucial for the child to feel confident at each stage before progressing to the next, as building a strong foundation is key to successful speech sound development. Additional support from speech therapists or educators may be necessary to help children overcome any difficulties and reach their full potential in communication.